Cherie is an internationally-published pinup model, whose image has graced the pages of numerous top pinup magazines in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. She is part of the Columbus-based Glamour Girl Academy, which specializes in burlesque and pinup classes, workshops, and events. She is a makeup and hair stylist at Columbus Pinup Studio and is also a contributor to Teased Pinup Magazine in which her hair tutorials can be found in each issue.



Burlesque                                 "She's the Reason Why They Say Blondes Have More Fun."


Known as "The Best Chest in the Midwest", Cherie Blondell is a classic-style striptease artist from Columbus, Ohio. She has been performing burlesque since 2008, and since then has also become a burlesque producer and instructor. Cherie is known for her classic style, her ability to invoke Old Hollywood glamour onstage and is often compared to her idol, Miss Monroe. Cherie is the head producer of Mon Cherie Entertainment (, which is responsible for several burlesque shows and events every year. Additionally, she has been selected to perform and compete in several burlesque festivals all over the country, including being a Featured Performer in the 2014 Ohio Burlesque Festival. Her titles include Master of Tassels and Best Improv from the 2014 Ohio Burly Picks and 2nd Runner-Up at the 2013 Burlesque World. Cherie has been teaching others in the "Art of the Tease" for over 4 years and was asked to teach her class "How to Give Good Face" at the 2014 Ohio Burlesque Festival. She also sat on the panel, "Defending Your Genre" at the 2014 Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston.